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About the Lim-Flex Breed


A Lim-Flex must be 25 to 75 percent Limousin and 25 to 75 percent Angus or Red Angus.

Lim-Flex offers:
Maximum hybrid vigour especially for maternal traits such as fertility.

A combination of the muscle and efficiency of Limousin with the maternal and finishing ability of Angus. Market flexibility - commercial Lim-Flex steers are ideal for all domestic and most export markets so are in strong demand from grass finishers and lot feeders. Lim-Flex heifers have more muscling than pure Angus which is sought after for the domestic market.

Production of Lim-Flex cattle is simple. Join a purebred Limousin bull to Angus cows or join a purebred Angus bull to Limousin females to produce Lim-Flex calves. Provided the right genetics are used from the two breeds the resulting
Lim-Flex females will be easy calving, good doers with plenty of milk and longevity. The steer progeny will be highly sought after by the domestic market as vealers or by the lot feeding industry supplying domestic and export markets.
The cull female calves will also be eagerly sought by the lot feeding industry. Lim-Flex females can be joined to Limousin bulls to increase Limousin content or Angus bulls to increase the Angus content. Alternatively they can be joined to Lim-Flex bulls to maintain a consistent level of Limousin and Angus content.

Colour and Horns:
The Lim-Flex calves from pure Angus cows will be 100 percent polled even if the Limousin bull is horned. The calves from black Angus will be predominantly black with only the odd red calf resulting from a black Angus cow carrying a red gene.

Use of black and polled Limousin or Lim-Flex bulls will ensure that a Lim-Flex herd stays predominantly black and polled over successive generations.

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