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Texas Seahorse Ranch located about an hour North of Austin,

by the beautiful Salado, Texas and is the home to Arabian star, Shahcolate Bey Ma.

With over 50 years of experience with Arabian & half Arabian business,

Texas Seahorse breeding philosophy is to breed for temperament,

intelligence, substance, athleticism & beauty.

We realize that the Arabian business is trendy, flashy & glitzy,

but we also believe the Arabian has been misrepresented by the Arabian
industry & the Arabian's true personality is to be quiet, gentle,
loyal, courageous, curious, playful, tough & athletic.
We don't handle our Arabians with chains or whips.  

They are treated with respect & we encourage quiet & gentle

breeding for an overall Arabian that possesses numerous abilities

and can compete on all levels, bringing back the “Versatile Horse”.  

All our horses are Ranch Broke meaning they are used on the ranch.  
They learn how to cross water, navigate terrain, handle cattle,

have a rope thrown off them, open & close gates,
tie up to where we tie them.

TS Ranch training also includes upper level techniques, horses
learned to collect, side pass, flying lead changes, slide stops,

spins & loping small very tight circles.
TS Ranch believes in mentally healthy horses & horses that are happy

& content. Allowing them to get out and do what horses do

in the pasture helps them be more comfortable

when the time comes to get work done. 

Ask us about custom breeding a Super Star for you.  

Pick one of our mares and become the proud owner of a
Shahcolate Bey Ma

National Champion Coco's Little Missle+/ awarded the LEGION of SUPREME HONOR at the age of 7

Shahcolate being ponied on the ranch

Coco's Little Missle wins 2009 US National Champion AOTR Working Cow Horse

TS Ranch foal Coco Frisco.

TS horses feel right at home in shows or working cattle.

Missle at Scottsdale

Click photos above for descriptions

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